the recording process is the beginning to any great recording project. however, if it is not approached and executed with care and precision, it can lead to major troubles and frustrations later in the mixing stage.

at sweetspot sound, we take the time to understand the "big picture" before we hit the record button. to set a game plan for the project is always a good idea, but we also understand that creativity does not always follow a set path. as a small, home-based studio, we provide an environment to capture your best performances, while allowing you to explore your creative side. using high quality digital gear in a non-linear recording setting, your project is only limited to what your imagination can conjure.

please check out our recording packages and contact us to discuss your specific recording needs.


the mixing stage is where the magic of the recording process is shaped into a beautiful masterpiece.

sweetspot sound has the tools necessary to sculpt your recordings into a sonic work of art. equiped with 32 channels of compression and eq, onboard and outboard effects processing, as well as Waves Platinum Series plug-ins...sweetspot sound can handle the demands that any mixing project can bring. pair that up with engineer jon hopewell, who is not afraid to take chances or experiment with new styles and techniques, and you can rest assure that your mixing project is in excellent hands!

please contact us so we can discuss the details of your mixing project.


sweetspot sound offers mastering services on all variety of projects...from your basic song to more complex projects like audio restoration. using Sound Forge audio editing/mastering program and Waves Platinum Series plug-ins, we have the tools needed to sweeten up any audio project.

but having the tools and possessing the skill to know just what needs adjustment are completely different things. our engineer, jon hopewell, has been trained in all areas of the recording arts, including some Golden Ears training, so you can be certain that your end result will be a masterpiece.

please contact us to discuss our mastering and editing services.